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How to increase social status at school and why is it important?

How to increase social status at school

Many people aspire to gain fame and popularity to increase his/her social status in different areas. But in most cases, they forget about their personality while being popular. They follow someone else to be popular. But they never keep in mind that they are avoiding their nature. Increasing social status doesn’t mean to be someone else. It wants your better versions, and you need to be yourself.  In this article, we will discuss- How to increase social status at school, and why is it important?

What is Social Status?

Social status mainly defines your social value. Primarily it refers to the level of honor and competence accorded to people in a society. For better understanding, it can be said that how others see your opinion in your community or school. Anyone can also compare the value of a Police and criminal to have a better understanding.

What are the examples of Social Status?

We have defined social status. By this time, we are going to show some of the examples. So have a look at it-

Suppose Jhon is a 25-year-old Gentleman. He was born into a wealthy family. His father and mother both are Ph.D. degree holders, and their family has a tremendous economic status.

Recently Jhon has completed his Civil engineering and became a Civil engineer. On his 23rd birthday, he married his girlfriend, Joly. They have twin-girls now.

Now, what are you seeing? There is various social status of Jhon. Some of them are for his own, and some of them are for his parents. Like this, we all have many social statuses at once. Many of the social statuses are bad, and many of them are good. For example, you can compare the status of a doctor and a criminal. I hope it is clear. Let’s jump into our next topic.

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What are the Types of Social Status?

We discussed the social status above. But it may not be very much apparent. So here some explanation is shown-

Achieved Status

It sounds like what it is. Achieved status means you have to accomplish things. Through many struggles, you have to earn it. Mainly requires so many efforts of your own. You can easily make it by showing your talents, personal skills, and abilities, Olympic athletes. Motivational speakers can be shown as examples.

Ascribed Status

It is a kind of status that comes from your earlier generation, like an inheritance. Though it is not related to our main topic, you have to understand- how to increase social status at school. Actually, it is mainly based on your race, family status, and economic conditions. If you are a son of a king, you will be the king. I hope you get it.

Social Position

The position is a kind of social status that mainly matters in case of making decisions. We can have a look at various societies. What happens there? The high position holders make most of the decisions related to the community. Thus Social position matters also as a social status. But anyone needs to gain it. In that case, it can be compared with the achieved status.

Importance of Social Status

Social status holds great importance in our everyday life. We know how it works. Now and then, we see it. We understand how criminals are treated. We also know how the Doctors and political leaders and treated. That is how it works. If your status is high, you are going to be treated well. On the other hand, for the criminals, I mean the low-status holders are poorly treated. Thus it plays importance, which unavoidable.

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How does Social Status affect behavior?

Social status plays a very massive role in case behavior. Many persons become influence by it. You can have a look at your wealthy friend. He is always trying to let you down. He is using his wealth and supremacy. Thus this comparing of wealth affects our behaviors. It is invisible but not out of our society. Thus it influences us and plays a vital role in affecting our behavior. I hope you understand.

Why do you need to increase social status at school?

For various reasons, you need to increase your social status at school. It is an important fact. We can understand it more clearly by showing some examples.

Suppose you are a student. There is going to be held an annual athletics competition in your school. For that reason, participants in your class are being selected by your teacher. At this moment, you want to join the Athletics. But you don’t know about any of the events. Will you be selected?

No. You will not be because you don’t possess that status. Thus you are going to be avoided by your teacher. But think once if you had it, surely you would be selected and the social status affects in this way.

Why do you need to increase social status at school? 
For various reasons, you need to increase your social status at school. It is an important fact.

How to increase social Status at School?

There are many processes by which you can quickly increase your status. All of these are hiding inside you. It would help if you found them only. By this time, I will tell you six different ways of increasing social status at school. So let’s start-


Leadership is a kind of quality beyond your main power or formal authority. It is used to, I mean, the status holders use it to motivate and influence their followers. Mainly the prefects or class captain of any school possesses this.


Popularity is a kind of personal fact. Using your quality, you have to be popular. Suppose you are a good singer. In this case, you will indeed be selected for popularity in singing, and that’s how it holds your status. You need to increase it via your quality.

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Mainly it is the power solving problems or giving solutions by using their intellect. One of the primary ways of gaining status is to look at once to your intelligent friends the hold a different position. Starting from juniors to teachers, everyone is praising him. So, imagine if you could do that.

Helping and supporting others

Another essential for increasing your social status at school is to have the ability to help others. It will help you to develop your positive reputation among them. But helping in problems doesn’t mean supporting only. It also includes appreciating others and congratulating them for their success.

Saying ‘Yes’ to everything!

Here I am not talking about doing bad things. Say yes to new things that will help you to increase your qualities. When you learn new things, your learning capability will increase. You will also have a chance to mix up with others.

Avoiding rudeness

Think once what will happen if the head of the state becomes angry at silly things. The whole nation will face a great disaster. Everyone will start to oppose him. Like that, if you become angry at small matters, it will decrease your relationship with others and hamper your status. So, stop being rude at these silly things.


Social status in your school mainly depends on your school activities. The more you participate in co-curricular functions, the more you will be famous or popular. But keep in mind that you need to work very hard, which is the key to success in all spheres. Another thing about firm determination that is you need to set your goal. Lastly, I am highlighting one thing to remember the quote ofAlbert Einstein –

            “Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.”