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Life skill : Definition with examples and why is it important?

Life Skills

You must have heard of life skills. But do you know what life skill is? What is the importance of this? Let’s share an experience before that.

Yesterday I was having a cup of tea with my brother. Suddenly, we got a call. After having that call, I came to know that my friend is in Hospital. So, we need to go there quickly. I told my younger brother to get ready within a minute. I also went to the washroom. After a few whiles, we are about to leave the house. But meanwhile, I noticed that my brother was trying to tie his shoelaces, but he couldn’t. I was so astonished, and that’s the thing happening around us. Not only my brother but also many of us are totally irresponsible about our daily needs.

Examples are now available such as we don’t know how to swim, we don’t know how to cross a road and many more. But do you know one thing? These are our daily life skills that need to be practiced to have a better life. So, today we will discuss our everyday life skills. Keep an eye.

What is a life skill?

Life skill mainly consists of two words that are Life and skills. Life refers to our everyday life; that is how we talk, how we walk blah blah. Again skill means a very innovative technique to do any work. That is doing any work so perfectly and making it less time-consuming.

life skills definition

In Wikipedia, Life Skill is described as-

“Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. This concept is also termed as psychosocial competency. The subject varies greatly depending on social norms and community expectations but skills that function for well-being and aid individuals to develop into active and productive members of their communities are considered as life skills. “

So, in a word, Life skills mean the innovative techniques that make our life simple and easier. For example, you can take driving a car. Suppose, you have a car, but you don’t know to drive. Then what is the benefit of it? You have to take a driver and give him money monthly. It’s totally like a burden. But what if you would know how to drive? Your burden would go.

life skills examples

As we have an understanding of life skills’ definition, we will talk about the examples. Here are top life skills that you need to know, and surprisingly these are laid down by WHO. Let’s have a look-


One of the key parts of our emotional intelligence. These mainly help you to understand other’s feelings and also make you empathetic.


Self-awareness mainly means being aware of yourself. For better understanding, I can tell you that understanding yourself is also included in this.

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Making your bad desires be buried and have control over your mind is mainly known as self-control. Self-control is very much important to build a good character.

Decision making

In our everyday life, we have to make many decisions related to our studies or our others. So, we need to have a good decision making capability, and that’s what life skills tell us.


Now and then, our life is covered by a bunch of problems. Those may be simpler ones or difficult ones. But if we don’t have the ability to deal with them, a simple one will act like a big one. That’s why problem-solving is much important. 


One must have to be positive in every situation, and that’s what assertiveness tells us. If you don’t have a positive practice, you will surely think negatively about every situation. That’s why you need to be careful.

Ability to cope up

To live in this society, we must have to achieve the ability to cope up with the environment. Yes, we need to fix ourselves with every problem that we face in our everyday life. Again, sometimes we may experience a change of places. At that time, we need to have this capability.

That’s all about the examples of Life skills. Hope you got a clear concept about it.

life skills importance

By this time, you may ask me why do we need to learn life skills? Is there any need for it? Yeah, obviously. You need to learn life skills for your benefits, not for mine. So, now we will be discussing those topics. Have an eye on it.

Think once, are challenges stopped? Isn’t anything coming your way? Do you have a comfortable life? No. You are not having that, and you will not. You have to make it. That’s what life skills do. Life skills make us able to meet up new challenges. The benefits of individuals are-

  • Finding some different ways of thinking and ways of solving a problem.
  • Recognizing the impact of their actions.
  • Teaching them to take responsibility for what they do rather than blaming others.
  • Build a sort of confidence both in spoken skills and for group cooperation and collaboration.
  • Developing self-awareness and appreciating others.
  • Analyzing options, make decisions, and understanding why they make certain choices outside the classroom.

What life skills are most important?

After discussing importance and types, we need to determine which life skills are most important isn’t it? Yeah. So, we will discuss the most important life skills now.

So, the most important life skills are-

Leadership skills

Suppose you are having an interview for a job. At that time, the owner will look at your leadership skills because they need a perfect worker for their office.

Parenting Skill

Again, when you start a family, you will need to know about parenting skills because you will have children in your family.

Study Skills

If you study in a school or a university, you will need to know about the study skills because study skills are very important to be careful about studies.

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Communication Skills

The most important skill you will need to know because communicating with others is the most important thing in our society. Again, in your office, you need to contact your colleagues and others. So, Communicating skills is much important.

Personal Skill

Having a good personality means a lot, and personal skills help us to develop our personalities. There is a variety of personal skills, such as self-awareness, self-control, etc.

These all are the most important and beneficial skills for our everyday life. Hope with a good practice of these we will lead a comfortable life.

Life skills in workplace
Life skills make us able to meet up new challenges.

Life skills for adults

By seeing the title, I hope you have got it, what we will discuss now. Actually, the adults’ life skills include the skills those adults implement in their everyday life to have a better experience, and now we will talk about it. So, let’s have a look at the skills of the adults-

Focus and Self-Control:Having control over mind and focusing on any work.

Perspective Taking:Taking any situation positively and seeing it from other’s perspectives.

Communicating:Communicating with others is one of the most important skills of adults.

Making Connections:Having a connection with others that is the bonding. 

Critical Thinking:Problem-solving ability and a greater thinking ability about something.

Taking on Challenges:Always, adults must be ready for the upcoming challenges, and thus they will overcome any problem.

Self-Directed:Adults mustn’t be lazy. They have to do any work by pushing their selves.

life skill for teenager

The life skills of the adults and the life skills of the teenagers are not the same. There are a few different criteria. So, now we will see those criteria. Again Teenage is the time of developing oneself; that’s why the life skills are also broad. So, we will be discussing the life skills of teenagers now.

Social Skills And Manners

As we live in society, we have to be aware of society’s rules and regulations. And that’s what Social skills and manners teach us. A teenager must be aware of the rules and skills. He has to know how to deal with the elders and the younger.

Managing time

During the teenage period, it becomes a must to manage time. It’s because as we grow up, the tasks increase. So, within a short time, we have to handle things. That’s why it’s needed to manage time.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Teenagers must have an idea about personal hygiene to maintain sound health.

Health care and Basic first aid

Many a time we see that the teenagers are getting injured during playing. At that time, a basic first aid skill becomes a must to get healed. That’s why they have to acquire it.

Life skill for a kid

Now we will look at the life skills that the children should learn at an early stage. The practice and learning of life skills start at the very beginning of our life. So, kids also have some of them to learn. Let’s have a look at what they are.

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Focus and self-control

A kid must be taught about focusing on a thing. It’s a must to do any work. And at the very beginning of our life, we have to acquire this. Side by side, another thing is self-control. Parents should also train kids about that.


Kids should be taught how to contact others. As we grow up in society, they must learn how to contact others in the society. This is a very important life skill.

Making connection

Making connections means making friends. They should be taught how to make friends. By this, they will have a wider area to communicate with others.

Life skills for students

From the early part of our life, we get the identity of a student. And throughout life, we bear this identity. So, we have to know what are the life skills that a student should learn. Let’s have a look at it.


The most important life skill that a student should learn in the conversation. Yes, both with the teacher and his/her friends. It’s important to have good conversation skills.


Without thinking about a thing, we can’t learn more about it. Again, the main target of our student life is to learn. So, the student must have a skill of thinking and questioning.


A student has to contact many people, such as the teachers, the staff of schools, and elder students. In these criteria, they must have good knowledge about manner. They have to know how to deal with these people.

Learning from failure

The most seen problem among the Students is becoming upset. Yes, many students become upset if they do wrong in any exam. But they should know that this is not the right way to deal with failure. They have to learn from it and make a good result next.

Time management

A student must be taught about time management. If they can’t handle time, they will have great suffering. So, it’s a must to know how to deal with problems.

What Life skills are taught in school?

School is a great place to learn things. And in the case of life skills, it is a perfect one. Now we will look into the skills that a student learns while studying in a school.

  • Maintaining basic hygiene
  • Time management
  • Understanding student loans
  • Digital rules/cyber-bullying
  • Basic first aid
  • Communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Making value-based decisions
  • Having
  • a sense of purpose
  • Being solution-oriented

Conclusion:Life skills are much important to deal with life. It also helps us to make our life a bit easier. At every step of our life, we learn different life skills. And together, they made our life. If you learn things perfectly, then life will learn smoothly. But if we don’t know how to deal with problems, don’t know the life skills, we will have great suffering.

So, keeping that in mind, we have to make practice learning life skills throughout our life.

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