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What personal characteristics define an excellent administrator?

What personal characteristics define an excellent administrator

“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another” Joseph Addison. What do you think about an administrator? An administrator executes a variety of activities. He comes to this service intending to change society. Nowadays, coming into this service, keeping aside the corporate job’s different alluring opportunities, is a great job. So let’s have a glance at what personal characteristics define an excellent administrator?

What personal characteristics define an excellent administrator?

We drive research on some administration and administrators in the world through the internet. We found, There are some characteristics of an excellent administrator mentioned below.

1. Leadership Quality

Leadership quality is an obligatory quality for any leader. Isn’t it? An administrator will execute a variety of activities. So, he will have to operate his stuff. In this case, leadership quality is a prerequisite.

Without leadership quality, it is impossible. All will be chaotic. He must not change his decision from situation to situation.

2. Extra-Ordinary Communication Skill

Communication skill is prerequisite for an excellent administrator. He needs to talk in such a way which is easily acceptable to the audience. He does not stay calm just telling but makes sure that the audience has got that.

Here he needs to know modern communication systems very well. He/She has to know communication over the phone, video calling, social media, e.t.c very well.

3. Determination

An administrator must be determined on the agency’s mission. If he feels enthusiastic about the activities of the organization, the employees will mirror it.

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When a difficult time comes, a great administrator will remind the employees about the agency’s purpose and role in society.

4. Far-Sighted

An excellent administrator must be focused on the organization’s long term mission. The employees may become bored with the day-to-day operations, but a great administrator reminds them about their work commitment.

5. Organizational Skill

An administrator must have organizational skills. He may have a lot of activities to perform. He has to know how to prioritize actions and keep track.

If he commits a work which is not argent holding aside argent jobs, then argent work may be delayed. But this is not the characteristic of a good administrator.

6. Strong Team Building Quality

A good administrator should have known how to build a team and how to run it. Only creating a team may be easy than running it.

The administrator may need to choose some relevant qualified employees and build a team to accomplish a task. If he selects a person from another field or does not have any idea, the job may not be performed.

7. Conceptual Skill

An excellent administrator must have conceptual skills. Why? Ok, let me explain. 

He must follow how anyone’s decision affects every part of the organization, whether positive or negative. How far an employee can go and where to stop them, everything should be in the mind of a good administrator.

8. Mentoring Others

A good administrator keeps mentoring others. He has not left everything, just dictating his stuff; He must mentor everything. If he dictates his stuff and turns his ear to another, works may not be accomplished on time, orderly or finely.

Mismanagement may appear everywhere. If he doesn’t mentor, employees may go astray. Customers may get misbehavior, May not get desirable service.

9. Punctuality and Time Management

A smart administrator is always punctual and knows how to manage his time. He knows where to stop. At a time, he may need to handle varieties of work. So here he needs to know how to manage time.

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If he takes too much time to accomplish a single work, then other works may remain incomplete, or he may not give enough time, which is required. Thus chaotic situations may create.

10. Hiring Savvy

An excellent administrator does everything to get the best out of his employees. According to their competency, he gives internal promotions than hiring employees from outside.

He stays far from hiring. Thus he saves the organization from the extra expenditure.

Many administrators like to hire employees from outside and increase the organization’s cost; therefore, internal dissatisfaction may appear.

11. Objectivity

A good administrator always remains neutral. He never shows partiality to any single person and neither offers more love to any definite person nor hatred.

An Administrator justifies stuff based on work, not on personal preference. There should be the same sequence or method to judge them every time.

12. Hard Working

An excellent administrator needs to be hard working. A lazy administrator can never drive his organization to a desirable pick. But a hard-working administrator works day-night in need and drive his organization to hot pick.

13. Ready to Accept Challenges

A smart administrator remains ready for any difficulties. If he thinks that everything will be normal all the time, then he is wrong. Problems come in everywhere.

An excellent leader stays prepared for that. For example, a sudden earthquake may occur, and the leader needs to be prepared for that.

14. Creativity

An ideal administrator is always creative. He may be asked to complete a job within limited resources. In this case, he must know how to get the best out of those specified resources.

He may need to show creativity in organizing a lot of tasks like seasonal fair e.t.c.

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15. Balanced Emotion

An excellent administrator shows balanced emotions everywhere. He might not be over-reactive or over sympathetic. There must be a balance.

He never shows any emotional excuse in his work, rather stays strong everywhere. A poor leader may show emotions to get sympathy or to escape from responsibility.

16. Unbound Curiosity

Having unbound curiosity is the key to success. A good administrator always asks himself what if about anything.

He always thinks of many alternative ways to go through and choose the perfect one. If he does not have any curiosity, he may not choose the right path.

He always keeps his eyes on other things and tries to learn from something or events worldwide.

17. Appreciation

William James well said, “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated” Right? Everybody likes appreciation. Acknowledgment of good work is the key to move on. Isn’t it?

A good administrator knows that very well and keeps appreciating his employees for their good works. He also encourages others who are failed to get the best out of them.

18. Ethics

Ethics is a prerequisite for any leader. Without morality, no social benefit can be expected. An administrator who is not moral will think about personal benefit.

Where personal benefit prioritizes, social welfare is denied. Before doing anything, he will think about the personal benefit, and thus, no good public service will occur.


An excellent public administrator sacrifices for his people. The above qualities make an administrator to a superb administrator. He always listens to his people and behaves like a coach, not a dictator. He understands the demand of his people and does according to that.

We think you got the answer of the question.What personal characteristics define an excellent administrator?