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What are the skills required for youth leadership?

skills for Youth leadership

What are the skills required of youth for leadership? The world’s current population is almost 7 billion. Among them, the number of youths is around 1.8 billion. Surprisingly, the world’s next leaders are hiding among them. So, it’s a great responsibility to reach the leadership concept towards them, which the youth leadership does.

Youth leadership nourishes the qualities and makes a sense and concept about leadership in the teenage time. So, if you are a teenager reading this article, you have a great chance to make your way. So, let’s have a look at the facts – 

What is skill? 

We have heard the term ‘skill.’ But can you tell me the definition of it? May or may not. Although we know it, we don’t have the right concept about it. So, let’s have a closer look. It is a kind of ability that anyone uses to execute his/her knowledge practically and readily effectively. 

In other words, it is making execution of your bookish knowledge in physical tasks, and that’s what skill defines. It is not like memorizing the biology chapters only. Rather it is the ability to apply your existing knowledge. I hope you get it. 

What is leadership? 

Well, leadership holds a similar concept with skill. In other words, leadership is also a kind of skill that lets you motivate others. Not only motivation but also making them ready for a goal. But leadership requires some more. 

What is that? That is, you need to be skilled and prepared to motivate and inspire others. So, the thing here is about being able and then make others able for it, and it is a great responsibility.  

Who is Youth? 

What is youth, and who are called youths? I think you have this concept. Yes, it is all about being young or being a teen. 

In medical terminology, the time of life from puberty or teenage to attaining full growth is called youth. In normal terms, some people call it the early period of something, and that is what I am trying to say.

Youth is the time of starting your life journey. The things you learn at this time will be a base for you in the future life. Thus the meaning of youth holds a greater concept rather than being young. 

What is Youth Leadership?

By this time, we have got the concept of youth and leadership. But youth leadership may sound a bit crazy to you, and you may ask, Can high school boys lead a country?’

Well, youth leadership is not similar to our political or main leadership. It is a bit different than that. Actually, youth leadership defines the practicing of leadership qualities from youth. What it does is make anyone skilled and prepared to guide others. It also nourishes existing attributes. 

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Youth leadership teaches you to influence others. So, it is a bit different from being a President or Prime minister. It is the early stage to prepare yourself to become a President or PM to influence others after becoming it. 

Youth Leadership

Youth development is a process that makes young people fit and fine to meet different challenges at adolescence and upper level.

Youth Development and Youth Leadership

Youth development and leadership are both interrelated with each other. We have got a concept of youth leadership. But what is youth development?  

Youth development is a process that makes young people fit and fine to meet different challenges at adolescence and upper level. This development is promoted through various activities and experiences that youth gains from different extra-curricular activities. But what is the relation of youth leadership with it? Actually, youth leadership also has an effective role in this development. How?

It makes you prepared for your upcoming challenges like guiding others, making proper decisions, and many more. Side by side, it makes you realize weakness and strengths, which is a great part of your success and failure. Because if you understand what your weakness is, you will be able to cover it up.But what about those who don’t know? They are living in confusion and that you shouldn’t have.

In a nutshell, we can call it that youth leadership is a kind of quality that makes us aware of our qualities and holds a greater meaning in youth development.

What are the duties of a youth leader? 

We have learned earlier about youth leadership. So, the definition of it will be a bit easier for us. A youth leader is that person who holds the duties for building a sense of community that can provide an opportunity for social improvement. All of these are under someone’s guidance because youths are learners also. But at this stage, they need to bear some responsibilities and duties which are-

Must a have a purpose for everything 

Well, it’s a must for a youth leader to have the purpose behind doing any work. It’s not like playing beach volley, gossiping, and so on. Yes, it can make sense if you are doing this for a valid reason. 

For example, you can play football. Yeah, we all know that it is the kind of game that increases our physical ability and leadership qualities. I am not saying that you shouldn’t play volley and others. I am only speaking to make it a bit reasonable. Ask yourself why you are doing it. 

Please don’t make it a bunch of wasted time. When you are a leader, it becomes more important, and you must have to possess this quality. Because if you aren’t a reasonable person, what your followers will do? 

Be Humble

While you are a leader, you mustn’t be so rude. Be humble to your followers. If you are not humble, then how will your followers share their opinion with it? And this is one of the most important things that anyone needs to improve. 

Being humble is a great quality to be a leader who anyone can get from the very beginning of their youth. 

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Communicate with others

One of the most needed qualities of any leader is communicating. And youth leadership is not a different one. 

Yes, a youth leader must maintain the responsibility to communicate with others. At the very beginning of our discussion, we have told what leadership is. Yes, your first and foremost duty is to be skilled and make others. It would help if you also inspired them to achieve a goal. Here, the main thing is teamwork, and as a leader, you are the captain. For that, you need to maintain good communication with others. This also brings effective results in the long run. 

Maintain Discipline

A leader is a role model for everyone. So, what a leader does is noticed by everyone, and thus everyone wants to be like that. 

If you are lazy, then definitely no one will follow you. Even if they follow you, they will need to suffer. 

So, being disciplined is a great duty of any leader and for the young leaders also as it is the learning time. 

Be punctual 

For any work, we need to maintain timing. Why? Because it makes us aware of the value of time. So, for doing any work, the workers need to be punctual. 

For this, as a young leader, you can order them. But if you aren’t punctual, then how will you command? It’s like being the newbie; you are suggesting anyone work like a pro. That will not do so, as young leader punctuality is very good quality.

Why is Youth Leadership important?

If you are taking on importance, then it can’t be finished in one. The importance of it is larger than you think. So, let’s figure out the basics- 


The young are the future of a country. So, if the young become developed surely the next era of the country will be created. That’ what self-development does; it makes a young self-developed for any work so that he can become a good and responsible citizen. It is also known as self-leadership. You may ask why? Because it teaches anyone to control his or her weakness and strengths. It also helps to develop self-confidence as well. 

Development of own identity 

One must be aware of his or her own identity. But why? It is because of being well established in a community as a person. 

Thus here, the concept of group leadership starts. When you are working in a group, you will be searching for chances to develop your identity. You will be looking to create ownership of your own in the community. Thus, the development of identity will occur through youth leadership. 

Development of community

The last and most important thing about youth leadership what is community development and what youth leadership aims for. 

When anyone becomes usual with group leadership, they try a larger one. Thus, youth leadership makes a person ready for the development of his or her community. This is the main stage of training young leaders to become future leaders. It makes a teen prepared for upcoming challenges and creates his or her feelings for society. And this results in the long run when they start to serve the nations worldwide.

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This is why youth leadership is very much important. So, a youth must remember the things what to do and what not to do.

What are the skills required for Youth Leadership?  

By this time, you may ask me you are talking a lot about it. But what is needed for youth leadership?

Yes, that’s what we are going to talk about next. Let’s see it. 

  •  Must have the skill of advocating for others. 
  • Must have the skill of thinking on own feet and solving problems. 
  • Having a good communicating skill 
  • Being there when somebody wants help.
  • Being an active and volunteer person
  • Must be enthusiastic 
  • Must have the mind to make a difference.
  • Sticking to own principles and ideas.
  • Must have patience and maintain perseverance
  • Must have the skill to mobilize others 

You must have the above ten basic skills if you plan to be a youth leader or simply a leader. Without these, it will not be easy for you. In other words, it will be impossible. 

developing youth leadership skills

Learning is never easy. But you can make it. Make some learning plans. Do the works following it. It will develop your problem-solving skills and also give you a better experience. 

How to develop Youth Leadership Skills? 

Above, we have learned the skills of youth leadership. But how will we acquire it? Yes, the above abilities need some effort of us to be achieved. While we are talking about youth leadership, it is all about learning. What are those which we need to learn? These are –

Setting a goal

For developing the above skills, we need to set a goal for each one. Each of them requires some different efforts to be expert it. For this, first, you need to place your goal and be stuck with it. It is not like you to choose one and let it go. You must specify a plan and be determined to achieve it.

Have patience and perseverance

Surely, you will face a dozen problems while you try to acquire the above ones. But will you exit? 

No, and for your kind information, I want to say that not quitting is also a leader’s skill. So, have perseverance in you. 

Again about being patient, you need to seek the right time for everything. Don’t be in a hurry while you are learning.

Making plans and make it executable 

Learning is never easy. But you can make it. Make some learning plans. Do the works following it. It will develop your problem-solving skills and also give you a better experience. 

Apply what you learn

While learning, you may not work with others. But is it impossible to apply your learnings? 

No, definitely not. You will find a lot of arenas for your application. Please see the best of it and make an execution or application.  


Youth leadership brings the brightness of the future. About this, there was a quote I remember. That was something like it.

‘Make the universities better, the nation will be brighter.’ 

It is a single line but holds a multi-line meaning. Yes, that what youth leadership means. It is very important to train the juveniles for their better future and also for the country. 

Otherwise, their future will be darker, and ultimately, the nation’s future will be in great darkness. 

So, we need to realize the importance of Youth leadership and execute so that it can turn 1/4 of the total into a light for the future that will lead to the way of light.

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